​The global water problem is big but it's not too big for the global community.  Small gifts make a huge difference.  Just $35 provides one person, in a remote village, access to clean water for a year. Clean water allows communities to invest lost time previously used gathering water and from fighting diseases caused by drinking unsafe water into time and energy to change in their community. It's time to act. Let's not be looking at the same problem in the year 2020.  Let's be well on our way to a global solution for those who lack access to clean drinking water.

h2o4world uses the water purification systems developed by i5 Water Systems, LLC.  These systems are available for both non-profit and for profit ventures. At the heart of the i5 system is an iodinated resin cartridge that kills viruses and bacteria.  Since some individuals are sensitive to iodine, the final filter cartridge contains activated carbon to remove the latent iodine once it's done its job purifying the water.

At this time, h2o4world is associated with Mountain West Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  All donations at the link below are made through the Mountain West giving site.  In the drop down menu, select h2o4world and 100% of your donation is provided to h2o4world for clean water projects.  Please feel free to check out Mountain West Church at the following link: www.mountainwestchurch.com


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